Become part of our volunteer ‘ground crew’ at the Great North Air Ambulance Service and play a vital role in keeping our aircraft flying.

Our ground crew volunteers have been supporting the charity since it started in 2002, representing the cause and carrying out a wide range of activities; getting involved in events, manning show stalls, delivering public presentations, store collections and raising awareness of our numerous campaigns.

Why we need volunteers

Our aircraft cover an area of about 8,000 square miles. We must raise more than £5m each year just to keep the service flying. We need the support of members of the communities we serve to fulfill a range of tasks in their areas.

Last year alone, volunteers contributed 1,590 hours of their time to helping to raise the money we need. We would not have been able to carry on without them.

Why volunteer?

It’s not all about us – we get regular feedback from our volunteers about the benefits to them, including:

  • Improvements in self-esteem and confidence
  • The positive feeling of being a valued member of a team
  • Using their skills for the benefit of wider society

Rita Craddy, volunteer

“I do my best to help out and I feel appreciated in what I do. You need to feel that at any age but when you get to my age, it’s easy to feel useless and like you can’t help. But this has shown me that you can, and you can feel wanted and that’s a big thing.”

Sally Astbury, volunteer

“I enjoyed volunteering as a marshall. The event was well organised, the weather held and it was lovely to have a chat with everyone at the GNAAS stand and get to know them. Without a doubt I would recommend volunteering, because GNAAS has a special place in my heart.”

Get involved

We have a range of volunteering opportunities available to suit all interests and skill-sets. If you have time to give to our charity, we would love to hear from you.

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