What we recycle

The money generated through clothing collections and the recycling of office supplies is reinvested back into the charity. This allows us to keep flying and to keep developing the service through the introduction of new equipment and life-saving techniques. Find out what we recycle here.


Look out for one of our green and white collection bags dropping through your door and fill it with your unwanted clothing.

We also take curtains, towels, handbags, belts, shoes in pairs, and bedding, apart from quilts and pillows.

We receive a very good price for the clothing collected and nothing is shredded or sold as rags. We do not sort the clothing as this guarantees us the best price from our buyers, many of whom are based in mainland Europe, where donated items are often sold in clothing shops.


Ink cartridges and mobile phones

We accept printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges and can collect on a regular basis or on a one-off basis.

Please note there is a charge of £20 + VAT per collection of toner ink cartridges, regardless of quantity collected. This collection charge does not apply to schools or hospitals.

There may be a small charge for any waste toners that we collect in order to cover our expense at disposing of these correctly.

We also collect unwanted mobile phones, working or not, so please consider donating if you have one in a drawer or if you have recently upgraded.

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