When our crew are called upon, your gift will fly with them.

Gifts given to GNAAS in Wills are crucial in enabling GNAAS aircrews to bring their expert trauma care to wherever it is needed most, be it roadside or mountaintop. Big or small, every legacy is important to us. Please consider including a gift to GNAAS in your Will.

Information pack

Last year we recieved gifts and pledges ranging from £50 to upwards of £480,000. Together these gifts make a huge difference.

We have created a guide that will give you a good understanding of why you might consider leaving a gift to the Great North Air Ambulance Service. It includes practical tools and information on how to leave a gift and information about what kinds of gift you can leave.

Request your pack and find out more about the difference a gift in your Will can make.

Request a pack

If you already intend to remember the Great North Air Ambulance Service in your Will, please get in touch.

We would like to acknowledge your kind gesture and have the opportunity to thank you for thinking of us.

Gifts given in Wills make up a significant amount of our total income, so having an idea of the number of gifts we are likely to receive in the years ahead can help us shape our future.

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Information for executors and solicitors

If you’re an executor of a Will or solicitor acting on behalf of a GNAAS supporter, please contact us.

We administer all legacies internally, so please get in touch if you have a gift that you need to pay in or have any questions.

For executors and solicitors

Dave's lasting legacy

All kinds of people put a gift to the Great North Air Ambulance Service in their Will.

Supporter Dave Durant explains what leaving a gift to the Great North Air Ambulance means to him.

Read Dave's story

Help and guidance

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team.
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